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Tale as Old as TIme


I am beyond excited to gush about one of my all-time favorite movies. I am a huge Disney fan, and I have been since I was little and obsessed with princesses (I’m talking about princess dress up and bedding and jewelry and all that). Belle has always been my favorite princess, and I wished I was her when I was little (although Hercules comes in a close second for favorite classic Disney movie). Needless to say, I have been awaiting for the live-action reboot of Beauty and the Beast to come into theaters since it was announced early last year, and today was finally the day for all of my dreams to come true.

I cannot begin to contain my joy right now. The movie was amazing. The sets were absolutely gorgeous and I now want to go live in that castle (can we talk about the detail in Belle’s room?). Not to mention the intricacies in the costumes! The details in this movie were simply amazing. The animation directors did a phenomenal job bringing everything to life (not gonna lie, I was a little unsure how the Beast and the talking furniture were going to turn out). The transformation scene was so over-dramatic but it captured the magic wonderfully. The cast was spot on, and I thought the story was delivered beautifully.

Although, this is the tried and true story of Beauty and the Beast, the differences between the live action and animated movie were done in a way that didn’t distract the audience or make it seem out of character. I enjoyed the little jokes that were made (like LeFou and his illiteracy during the Gaston song) and the additional songs were captivating. I especially enjoyed the Beast’s song right after Belle left, and it was great to really see his perspective on the situation. I definitely shed a tear or two when Belle thought she lost the Beast forever, and I really felt the emotions of each character throughout the entire movie.


Overall, I can honestly say that I was not disappointed one bit with this movie, and it’s definitely going to be one that I watch multiple times. If you still haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching it in theaters so that you can see the landscapes and wide shots in amazing detail (watch the trailer here ). I absolutely love this movie, and it will continue to be a tale as old as time in my storybook for a long, long time.

xx Valerie


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