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I SoulCycled my soul out for the first time today, and I had an amazing time.

I’m going to be real with you: I don’t workout… like, at all. My “workout” consists of me walking to school each day, 15 minutes there, and 15 minutes back. If anyone ever asks if I want to go to the gym with them, my reaction is always, “Hahahahahaha.” But my dorm offered a group of residents with a free SoulCycle class, and I’ve always been super interested in doing it, so I just had to say yes (along with my roommates. Workout buddies!). And holy hell am I glad I did.

Going in, the first thing we did was choose which bike we wanted to be on. Being self-conscious, as this was our first time, my roommates and I chose three seats in the back row. They then gave us these special shoes to wear. The shoes clip into the bike pedals so it’s safer and allows you to “target the correct muscle groups,” according to the SoulCycle website. (ohmygod school is getting into my head. I’m putting in references in my blog posts!) We then put our belongings in lockers downstairs, and headed into the studio.

Soulcycle     (from

The staff was so friendly. Once we walked in, they showed us to our bikes, and helped us set the bike up: that meant adjusting the height of the seat and moving the seat either further/closer to the handle bars. Clipping in my shoes into the pedals was a bit difficult for me, but I got it eventually!

Once our instructor came in and got her microphone ready, all the lights in the room dimmed. Then the music started playing. The music really helps you get into the workout, because there’s a beat for you to pedal to. I’ll be honest, I slowed down pretty quickly, but I kept a steady pace that I knew I could handle. Well, the whole time was amazing. The instructor was incredible (I’m so envious!!). One song that played was Barbie Girl, and my friends and I joked that it was so appropriate, because she looked just like a Barbie.

The workout was tiring, but so rewarding. I rested a couple of times while pedaling, but there was also a weight session where we pedaled and pumped 5 pound weights. I’m super proud of myself, because I went through the entire workout with the weights without stopping once. Go meeeeee.

Getting off the bike was a whole situation. I couldn’t get my shoes to unclip off, but the staff said that they would take care of it. But once I got off that bike, my knees buckled and I almost fell onto the floor! It felt like I had just run a mile, back in the ol’ high school days in PE. But this time I wasn’t complaining about being tired and sweaty; I was just thinking about when I could come back.

If you haven’t gone SoulCycling before, I totally recommend it! It’s, of course, extremely tiring. You’re sweating buckets, it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but you feel great afterwards. I’m sure my whole body will be aching tomorrow, but I think it’s definitely worth it!

xo tiffany


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