644Hello and welcome! I’m Tiffany!

I am a junior at New York University, majoring in environmental studies and double minoring in environmental biology and web programming.

Besides school, I love reading, baking, playing music, watching movies/plays, going to pop-up shops!!!! (I love those so much), and creative writing (but not essay writing, like for school. That makes me want to fall to the floor and lay there for the next billion years). I do keep a daily blog where I write about my day: the good, the bad and the ugly! I loved how I would write about that when I was in middle school. Reading those diaries now makes me so thankful that I kept those memories written down, no matter how embarrassing they were, so after I stopped writing for 4.5 years, I decided to start again. Valerie had been keeping a personal blog for a while, so when she asked if I wanted to create a joint one with her, I was definitely down to do that! It’s another way to create and document memories!

Hope you enjoy the things Valerie and I write about! The two of us thought it would be fun to put down our thoughts, favorites and obsessions down into one place, where others could enjoy and relate to as well!

xo Tiff



Hello everyone!  My name is Valerie, and welcome to our about page!

So a little about myself, I am a sophomore at Rutgers University, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.  Currently, I’m involved in the Society of Women in Engineering, SEED (an environmental club), and the Honors Academy.

While all of that seems very fun and interesting, the most important part (in my opinion) is my love of writing and being creative!  I am working on self publishing my first e-book (which I’ll be sure to update you guys on).  I also have a YouTube channel where you can expect to see fashion and beauty videos as well as some singing and lifestyle (and of course a vlog if I travel).  I’m also a huge book nerd and enjoy anything in the teen department (don’t mind me while I sing “Forever Young” to myself).  Lastly, I am very passionate about health and fitness.  While of course I have some personal goals, working out is a huge part of my life (pilates, yoga, and hiit all the way) and I love being able to share that passion and inspire others.

Again, welcome to our little corner of the internet, and welcome to the internet family.  I hope to be able to talk to you guys in the comments!

xx Val