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hopeless fountain kingdom review


It’s album review time!  I finally got around to listening to Halsey’s new album hopeless fountain kingdom that was released on June 2nd, and I really enjoyed it.

My favorite tracks off of the album are probably Alone, Now or Never, and Sorry.  Alone has almost an old school feel to it but with a twist; whereas, now or never is definitely more in the genre of pop and electronic.  Sorry is one of those songs that you listen to with headphones and just take in the words; I love the piano in it as well.

I enjoyed how it seemed like the album kept referring back to Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” like in The Prologue where it literally quotes the beginning of the play.  I also like in Good Mourning, the song begins with more talking, following the same pattern as The Prologue.  It makes it feel like this is the beginning of the second act of a play.

Walls Could Talk is another short track, but instead of talking, this is all song.  I really enjoyed the instrumental parts of the song.  It has a classic feel to it but with a more current take.

The setup of the album was done nicely as well.  In my opinion, each track flowed in the next, and I especially appreciate the ending songs: Angel on Fire, Devil in Me, and Hopeless.  Angel on Fire has a good build up and a darker melody which flows into Devil in Me which has tunes about fighting against your inner demons flowing over light music.  The album ends with Hopeless, another appealing collaboration involving Cashmere Cat.

Overall, I enjoyed the album.  Halsey has released another Electropop album with R&B and Alternative/Indie tracks that are sure to be a hit.

Talk to you guys soon!

xx Val


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