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Sleepover Essentials

Hello there!

I’m back with a sleepover essentials list in order to have an amazing girls’ night.  My best friends and I love our sleepovers.  And these are the things we normally HAVE to include to have a good night!


  1. NAIL POLISH. We’ve all know that in every stereotypical girls’ sleepover, you gossip about boys while painting your nails in the brightest red you own (because red shows confidence obvi).  But seriously, there’s just something really fun about painting your nails, and if you guys want to admit some nail art, go for it (personally, the most I can do is dots)
  2. FACE MASKS. Scare the boys.   A lot of guys get startled when they first see you with a face mask (tbh some of the sheet masks can be kinda creepy).  But face masks are also really good for your skin and it makes you feel so soft and smooth after!
  3. BAKING. Cookies, cake, brownies, bread, dinner foods?? You name it, and you make it. Baking (or just cooking) together is so much fun.  If your feeling in the mood, put on some jams and have a mini dance party too.
  4. CANDLES/LIGHTS. The lighting really sets the mood for sleepover. Put your fairy lights on and light your favorite candles to just bring the cozy vibes to your next sleepover.
  5. MOVIES. What sleepover is complete without a movie?  Have a movie marathon if you want!  When I’m with my friends, we normally put on a chick-flick or a Disney movie (who doesn’t love Disney?) because our scare tolerance is very low.
  6. MADLIBS. I feel like not a lot of people outwardly appreciate madlibs.  Personally, I think they’re hilarious, and I have a rather large collection of them.  In our last sleepover, my friends and I were laughing so hard, I think I was getting abs.
  7. GAMES. Board games. Video games.  Card games.  Games are great.  If you have a large group, I always suggest Apples to Apples or even One Night: Werewolf.  Another great game I’ve been playing lately is Betrayal at House on the Hill.
  8. SNACKS: You have to have snacks. The point of a sleepover is not to eat healthy, unless that’s the type of sleepover you want (which is totally fine).  But we tend to like having a little bit of popcorn with our movies and games along with those delicious treats we baked!

These are just some of the common things among most of my sleepovers.  Let me know in the comments what your essentials are!

Talk to you soon!

Xx Val


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